How Big Do the Groodles Get?

How Big Do the Groodles Get?

What About Groodles?

Groodles, otherwise known as Goldendoodle, comes from the blend of Golden Retriever and Poodle. They are easily identified with single colors and often with white patches on either the face, chest and feet. Their lifespan is between 12-15 years. Its height can be about 60-66cm, while its weight can be around 23-45kg. This hybrid originated from North America circa the 1990s. It was purported to be a substitute for a breed of dog named labradoodle. Since the emergence of Groodles, they have tremendously become popular and one of the most desired-to-own dogs both in Australia and worldwide.

Dog owners are fond of Groodle because of how active it is, how patient it stays, and our obedient it can be. Groodle has become one of the most sought after owing to its sublime intelligence, calm disposition, and lovely nature. It is known for being enliven, easy to train, and associable with family. Groodles can be on the alert of family members and pleasantly loyal. More so, Groodle is irresistible to dog owners because of its nil or low coat shedding and because it is cuddlable.

The colors peculiar to the Groodles are red, cream, black, and chocolate. They are known to have two types of coats, namely fleece and wool. The fleece type is a coat with a soft and silky texture. The fleece coat can be straightly wavy in look, or it can be curls that are softly twisting. The outlook of the fleece coat is likened to the coat of an Angora goat. However, the wool coat is the type that doesn't or rarely shed away. The texture of the wool coat is denser like the coat of a sheep or a lamb. It appears like twisting wool.

How Big Do the Groodles Get?

Groodles’ sizes do not just happen. They could be big, medium, or small because they come in various sizes. How big they are is dependent on their types and the breed of dogs blended to procreate them. Interestingly, Groodles' sizes are another fascinating aspect of the species because it considers its prospective owners' choices. Hence, an intending Groodle owner could decide which size of Groodle he wants considering his preferences. And, it is the reason the families can choose a dog as per their home requirements.

Sizes of Groodles

The three different sizes of Groodles are well known as the miniature Groodle, the medium Groodle, and the standard Groodle. Each size comes into existence due to the combination of the Groodle’s parents' species. In essence, to get any desired size of a Groodle, one has to know which of the poodle dogs would be combined with the golden retriever dog. How can this be done?


The miniature Groodleoften falls between 8kg and 15kg in weight, while the height is usually between 27kg and 45kg. The miniature Grooodle can get this particular size of Groodle dog from the blend of a Golden Retriever and toy miniature or a small standard Poodle.


The size of a medium Groodle is between the miniature Groodle and the standard Groodle. In weight, the medium Groodle orb around 25kg and 30kg while the height is not lesser than 50cm neither is it higher than 55cm. The medium Groodle is gotten from the mixture of a smaller Golden Retriever and a standard Poodle.


The standard Groodleis the biggest of Groodles. It weighs between 30kg and 45kg. The height of the standard Groodle is no lesser than 50cm nor higher than 65cm. The standard Groodle can be gotten from a Golden Retriever and a standard Poodle dog.

Nature of Groodles

Groodles are renowned for possessing the following features:


Groodlesare children-friendly dogs that desire a sense of belonging to humans. They have pleasant, calm, and lovely nature. Groodles relish it when attention and care are given to them. Groodles believe such relish would enable them to stay sociable, happy, and healthy. They also cherish being involved in games and family events.


The colors and coats of Groodles make them endearing, pleasant, and alluring. Groodles are known to have stunning shades, including red, brown, golden, chocolate, cream latte, caramel, white, etc. Although they wear one single color, they are known to have a white patch at their bodies' strategic positions like face, chest, and feet.


Groodles are endowed with coat textures that make them irresistible to humans. These coats are either in fleece or wool texture. Whichever texture they are, they are soft and fluffy, and desirable to humans. The nature of the coats of Groodle is hypoallergenic. Hence, owners of the dog can be around their Groodles without any reaction to the coat's dander.


It is not difficult to either train or manage Groodles. They are said to have intelligent abilities, so they can process commands quickly and easily. Yet more, the cost of maintaining a Groodleis relatively infinitesimal compared to other species of dogs. The grooming of Groodle is easy and not unattainable.


The Groodle are beautiful species of dogs of different sizes that are deliberately designed with aesthetic and companion thought. The options of their sizes leave intending Groodle owners with the opportunity to select whichever suits them. When it comes to how big or how small Groodles can be, it depends on the types of Poodles blended with the Golden Retriever.



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