How Much Does A Groodle Puppy Cost?

In our previous post, we talked about Groodle or Goldendoodle dog breed. Many people have been asking, how much does a Groodle puppy cost? Meanwhile, before we go on to discuss the cost of a Groodle puppy, let's refresh your mind on what a Groodle is. It is a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. A miniature Goldendoodle is a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Miniature Poodle. Also, a standard Goldendoodle is a crossbreed between a standard Groodle and a Golden Retriever. 


Over the years, Groodles have evolved to be multi-generation. A multi-generation Groodle is about 5 or 6 generations Groodle. In this post, we shall discuss more than the price of Google. We will provide answers to other questions regarding the Groodle puppy. 

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What Is the Cost of Groodle Puppy?

The cost of a Groodle puppy varies from place to place. So, there is no generally specified price, but we have a price range. If you seek to know the price of a Groodle puppy, you can get it as high as $10,000. A well-bred Goldendoodle can cost between $8,000 and $10,000. 


Some sellers have their Groodle puppies cleared for over 30 different genetic health issues. They are vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked, and comes with a health guarantee. If you are buying your Groodle puppy from such places, the cost will undoubtedly be on the high side. Regardless of where you choose to buy your Groodle puppy form, ensure the breeder screens for health issues. 


A well-bred Groodle will rarely have a health issue in its life time. Therefore, it is one of the more affordable breeds to insure. The cost of Groodle puppy is not where it ends. How do you know you are buying a healthy breed?


Things To Consider Before Paying For Your Groodle Puppy

The decision to buy a puppy and bring it into your home requires lots of thought and planning. Therefore, there are many important factors to consider aside from the cost of the Groodle puppy. It is not enough to ask how much does a Groodle puppy cost. There are a thousand and one other questions that you need also need to ask. Although having a Goldendoodle puppy can be all fun and good, at times, it comes with some challenges. It is important to prepare for these challenges by taking the time to do due diligence on the dog breed.


There are some important questions you need to ask the breeder regarding the dog you want to buy. 

  • Do you have the time, energy, and resources and take good care of your Groodle? Groodle puppy requires that you dedicate time to training and exercise. You also need to have the resources to pay for good food, healthcare, and other unexpected veterinary costs. 
  • Never buy a Groodle puppy from someone who will not answer all your questions. If the person cannot allow you to see where the puppies have been bred, it probably a sign not to buy from the breeder. 
  • Make sure that the breeder is reputable and legally registered. 


Are Groodles Aggressive?

You have known the cost of a Groodle puppy, but do you know if they are aggressive? Well, they are not aggressive since they are a hybrid of Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Golden Retrievers are known for their gentle nature and are arguably one of the least aggressive dog breeds. Groodle puppies always retain the gentle nature of the Golden Retriever.


Are Groodles Harmful To Children?

Like every dog breed, you need to confirm if they are good for children. Goldendoodle makes excellent family dogs and are an excellent companion to children. Groodle puppies are gentle and patient, so they make fantastic kids companion. 

Are Groodle dogs Hypoallergic?

Groodles are crossed with a Poodle; therefore, they make better dogs for people suffering from allergies. You need to understand that allergies are not caused by a particular type of coat but by dander. Dander is dead skin cells which all dogs drop. However, Groodle puppies, like other crosses from Poodle, shed less dander. 


Do Groodles Shed Their Hair?

Yes, they shed their hair, but compared to most dogs, they shed far less. Some breeds of Groodle dogs won’t shed any hair at all, while others shed a small amount. The Wool coat is the least likely coat to shed their hair. 


Why Should You Buy Groodle Dog?

Groodle puppies' cost shouldn't be the only determinant of whether or not you buy a Goldendoodle. There are lots of other reasons to buy a Groodle puppy, and they include the following: 

  • Groodle puppies are classic family dogs, very playful and well mannered, intelligent, obedient, and excellent with kids. 
  • They are easy for you to train due to their eagerness to please their owner. Google can do anything for some praise and tasty treat from you. This is always helpful to first-time dog owners. 


Closing Thoughts

This post has provided you with Groodle dogs' cost for those asking how much does a Groodle puppy cost. We went further to offer insights into some pressing questions for Groodle lovers looking to own one someday. Also, we have tried to explore some of the quality behaviors of this great dog breed. 


One thing you need to know that some indiscriminate breeders have bred puppies with unstable temperaments and health issues. So, before you purchase from any breeder, ensure you are confident in their breeding program. Don't just buy a dog simply because you can afford the asking price. Go a step further to know about the breed and its breeders. 


When buying your Groodle, you have to consider if it's non-shedding wool or fleece coat. Or is the Groodle the first cross with hair coat? How long do you intend to allow the coat to be kept? The most important thing is that you keep your Groodle dog healthy and satisfied at all times. The dog will serve you and your family better if it is well-fed and healthy.

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